Your 12 month cash flow forecast...

​After many years of experience assisting small businesses with commercial lending and access to finance advice MCfinancialforecasting has been formed to help UK SME business owners predict their financial future with more certainty.

From our experience, most small to medium sized businesses do not have access to 'in house' cash flow management expertise. Instead, they are dependant upon historic accounts or recent management figures to try and predict their future cash needs. What then follows is the laborious task of struggling with spread sheets and formulas to produce a basic budget or cash flow forecast, based on a 'best guess' of anticipated sales, costs and overheads. This task becomes even more complex if significant changes to the business are predicted.


As a solution to this problem, MCfinancialforecasting has developed a collaborative consultancy that will work with you to translate your financial business plan into a model that can help you to predict the financial position of your business for the next 12 months and beyond. Our tailor made financial forecasting tool will provide you with fully integrated profit and loss, balance sheet, funds flow and cash flow forecast statements. And because it's very difficult to predict the future with any degree of accuracy, any number of 'What if' scenarios can be modelled to test the resilience of your business.


Where a cash requirement is identified, MCfinancialforecasting can provide access to finance via a wide range of funding solutions and providers. These funders include all the major banks, as well as the growing number of independent and alternative funding providers. Our experience of this growing lending landscape will help to find the ideal funding solution to meet your needs. The terms of any finance offer can then be easily incorporated into the financial forecasting model to test serviceability, thus giving you the confidence to take on any new financial commitment.