White Label



MCfinancialforecasting fully understands that professional financial advisors and practices are able to provide financial projections within their suite of client products and services.


However, if the production of financial forecasts is not a key income driver or a particular area of expertise within your practice, it may make sense to 'White Label' or sub-contract this service to a specialist expert business partner.


Please do not hesitate to make contact should you wish to discuss a client's requirements or if you would like to explore how we may be able to add value to your business by working in collaboration with you and your client.

Support for Funders



Monitoring of client risk and loan/facility serviceability issues are an on-going issue for funders, especially those that do not have full visibility of their client's day-to-day bank account operation.


At the outset, approved facilities will be fully supported by a robust business plan and financial forecasts. However, as time progresses, risk assessment is increasingly reliant on historic accounts and financial information, rather than an up to date cash flow forecasts.


MCfinancialforecasting understands this key issue and is able to work with credit departments to identify if any underlying serviceability problems exist. We will work under your direction to produce up to date financial forecasts and provide any sensitivity analysis that may be required to determine the basis of your on-going lending support.