Case Studies



MCfinancialforecasting has worked with many different owner managed businesses, across a broad range of sectors and industries. Our financial forecasts have been utilised for many different purposes by our clients but all of them have valued the insight that they have provided into their future financial position.


A typical engagement will require us to capture data on which to base the forecasts, we will then validate the resultant forecasts with you and also examine any sensitivity analysis that you may wish to test. You will then be provided with your full set of integrated financial forecasts, together with the data assumptions upon which they have been based.

Below is a small number of anonymous case studies that show how

MCfinancialforecasting has been able to utilise its financial modelling expertise to benefit clients.

Start-up Business



MCfinancialforecasting were asked to support a new start-up specialising in the manufacture of contract furniture. A set of financial forecasts were prepared to support the Directors financial business plan and utilised to support multiple access to finance applications for start-up working capital and asset finance funding.


Three months after production commenced, a review was undertaken to access actual performance against projections. This review identified that the business were not meeting their original forecasts and changes were implemented to address the key issues.


A revised set of financial forecasts were prepared for the Directors, which identified a potential cash-flow shortfall despite a growing order book.


MCfinancialforecasting were able to identify a finance solution and sourced a funding provider that met the company's on-going financial requirements.




MCfinancialforecasting were engaged by a firm of accountants to help with the restructuring of one of their client's businesses. This construction sector client had lost a major customer and wished to accelerate the switch from specialist construction work to commercial tree care services.


This major change to the business was modelled and stress tested in a collaborative process with the client and their accountant. A set of financial projections was produced to confirm the on-going viability of the business and an action plan prepared to identify and monitor the major changes required.


A re-finance of existing bank borrowing was also incorporated into the financial forecasts and presented to the Bank for approval, alongside the proposed plan for the Company's restructure. The plan and cash flow forecasts fully supported serviceability of the funding being requested and the loan was approved.



Business Growth



Following several years of gradual and controlled organic growth

MCfinancialforecasting were engaged by a family run plumbing and heating company to help them prepare a set of financial forecasts, which would model a more aggressive growth strategy.


Underpinning this growth strategy was the ability to provide customers with a 'Point of Sale' finance option to spread the cost of installation.


A set of financial forecasts was produced, which confirmed the viability of their growth plan. The projections also provided them with the financial evidence they needed to form part of their successful application for an FCA licence.


The company can now offer the option of 'Point of Sale' finance to their customers and have the confidence to grow in line with their financial business plan.