Financial Forecasting Services







For any UK SME, cash flow is the key to business success.


MCfinancialforecasting understands this and has developed a financial forecasting tool that will help you predict the future of your business finances and help you to see the financial impact of any changes that may affect your financial business plan.

The financial forecasting tool that MCfinancialforecasting has developed provides a '3D view' of a business by generating a fully integrated set of monthly profit & loss, balance sheet, funds flow and cash flow forecasts . At the click of a button, sensitivity analysis can then be applied through the forecasts to test any number of 'What If?' scenarios.


Our financial forecasts have been utilised for many different purposes. To view case studies please click here.

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Business Planning



Business planning can take many forms but one of the key elements is how those plans translate into financial projections.


MCfinancialforecasting can work with you to develop your financial business plan whether you are a start-up or an established business with aspirations to grow and develop.

Armed with a robust financial business plan, you will be better placed to monitor your actual performance against our financial projections and make any changes that may be required.

Managing Change



Significant change can be self inflicted or it can be imposed on the business by external forces. Wherever that shock comes from, the fear of change can be mitigated by an understanding of it's potential financial impact.


MCfinancialforecasting can help you to model the financial impact of change on your business, whether that be the impact of new customers, new products, capital investment, cost of new employees, business re-structuring, impact of bad debts etc. Where the extent of change is uncertain, various 'What If?' scenarios can be modelled to understand the impact on cash flow and profitability.






Despite detailed planning, reality can often diverge from what has been predicted. Financial forecasting provides a basis from which actual performance can be measured. Where those variances are minor, small changes can often put a business back on track.


However, where actual performance deviates significantly from what was originally predicted, a re-forecast may be required to fully understand the financial implications.

MCfinancialforecasting can provide a periodic review, which will compare your actual financial performance against what was originally projected. We will work with you to see if a re-forecast exercise would be beneficial and to help you identify any consequences for the financial well being of your business.

Access to Finance



One of the key reasons for preparing a business plan is often to support an application for funding.


Our financial forecasts fully meet lender requirements.


As a first port of call, businesses often approach their existing bank for this financial support. However, when that support is not forthcoming, alternative funding sources are not always fully understood.

MCfinancialforecasting, is able to provide access to finance advice covering a wide range of commercial finance options. The terms of any finance can then be easily incorporated into your financial forecasts to confirm debt serviceability and provide you with the confidence that all your financial commitments can be met.